Food Safety and Hygiene – Vital importance

Prevailing times have been of major concern, and our aim during this, is to provide a platform that can bridge the gap between consumers and talented chefs in our community.

Restaurants remaining shut for a long time with only a limited few doing take away’s & as more people have been to staying in, we have seen a tremendous increase in demand for homemade food delivery. A number of talented individuals across took to cooking from homes as a hobby/passion but in turn unlocked their own potentials.

The team at YourShéf always put food safety first & takes utmost responsibility to provide you with safe, wholesome and nutritious food. To that end, we will continue to uphold our strict safety standards and take any preemptive measures needed to ensure the safety of our community.

Food safety is – and always will be – our #1 priority

If you have any questions, you can always email us at or call/ text +91 9321547003.

Be well & stay safe,

Team YourShéf.

Additional information:

Note on limited supply: Each chef has a limited supply for each delivery day. We are doing our best to onboard more chefs as quickly as possible.

Requesting no-contact delivery: If you would like to request a no-contact delivery, you can do so, by simply updating the “Delivery Instructions” section at checkout. Please be sure to state “No-contact delivery requested” and provide the necessary instructions to the delivery agent.

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